So, when we’re looking at working at New Jordan and how to enjoy it, I have to think holistically. In order to experience a truly meaningful experience here I have to explore all the ways in which my work affects others—mentally, physically, socially, and spiritually. To some people, this sounds strange. “What does my career have to do with spirituality?” they wonder. The truth is: a lot more than you might think. A nourishing career at New Jordan is fulfilling on every level and that includes the deeper, internal levels that we often don’t associate directly with work.  Many people think of work as something that fulfills their physical needs — it gives them a paycheck, which provides food and shelter. Sometimes, if they’re lucky, it also fulfills some portion of their mental and social needs. It challenges them a little and makes them feel like part of the New Jordan community. These are, what I consider, the “lower level” career needs: the things that, when missing, are noticeable and painful. But simply having them isn’t enough to motivate us. By themselves, these things aren’t truly fulfilling. Few people think about the deeper potential of work—the real, soulful fulfillment—until they realize that they simply aren’t happy and they can’t figure out why. The spiritual component is often what’s missing. Now, this isn’t a religious idea. When I say “spiritual,” I’m simply referring to “the needs of the spirit.” These can be broken down into five key areas: purpose, participation, passion, power and principles. My career as a Montessori teacher is truly nourishing, feeds these five areas as well as the lower level needs. What that means, however, is different for every person here. Everyone at New Jordan has a different understanding of what makes us feel purposeful and powerful. We all require a different level of passion and participation, just like we all have different needs when it comes to physical, mental and social comfort. Simply put, finding career fulfillment in Wuhan is a unique process for each individual. Living in Wuhan is a perfect place to foster cultural diversity and immerse myself in the warm and rich Chinese language, culture and human experience. My co-workers are exceptional people who are very supportive and I treasure this opportunity

By John


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