Being all alone in a foreign country is very exciting, but at the same time it can be scary. Luckily for me, employees of New Jordan made sure that I had support on every step of the way. After staying in New Jordan for the last ten months I can honestly say that this organization is very well organized and led and all the employees care deeply about their jobs.

The principal in my branch Minda has all the qualities of the effective leader. Minda does not allow for anything less then 100% of a commitment to the work. At the same time she is also very witty. Often at the meetings, while bringing up the problem, she presents it in a humorous way that makes the teachers laugh. This way the teachers learn about what has to be corrected without feeling bad. Unlike many other business people on high positions, Minda does many small things by herself. Once I saw her with the screwdriver fixing a door knob and often during winter she would shovel the snow in front of the entrance.

Another very important person that made my life in China a pleasure is a supervisor of English department Mr. Su Bao. Mr. Su Bao has a relaxed style of leadership that makes the teachers his friends and at the same time motivates them to do the absolutely best job possible. What ever I needed, at any time of the day or nigh, Mr. SuBao was there for me. He helped me not only with the job related issues but also with organizing my vacations and he is not only my coworker, I now consider him a good friend.

The core of the kindergarten is the teachers that are endlessly committed to their work. They adore children, they are patient, loving, and work very hard for the children to get the best education. The teachers in New Jordan have been wonderful in including me in all the activities. I felt like a part of the group. We went to KTV, for dinners, movies, trips and celebrated birthdays and weddings together. They are great people and good friends.

Working for New Jordan was truly an amazing experience and I feel very lucky that I joined this particular company. And as my days in China are coming to an end, I know that I will forever remember all the good people from New Jordan that accepted me not as a foreigner but as their equal.


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