New Jordan represents a chain of kindergartens that are spreaded all over China. Usually these kindergartens are places of joy, peace and harmony where children can learn their first words in English and teachers can experience again their own childhood.

It is also where children can learn with the professional help of foreign teachers how to behave and how to interact one with another in English, because teachers are trained to be patient and speak only in English with their pupils in their everyday activities.

I am also part of this big and beautiful island called New Jordan. I am a teacher at Qinqiao Bilingual and Arts Kindergarten which is situated in the Youth Palace of Wuhan, China and I have been so for over two months and I must say that there is no other place where you can find a better communication between teachers, students and parents.

As a person who knows five foreign languages: Italian, French, English, Hungarian and German and who finished the University of Translators and Interpreters (English-Italian)  with a background in teaching children I could have chosen to go anywhere else in the world to get a job but even so I chose New Jordan due to the good conditions , due to the Human Resources staff’s hospitality and honesty ( I must enclose here a special thank you to Madame Sandy Li, to my manager Madame Celina and to my supervisor Lynn) and due to the fact that I am in love with Chinese culture and people.

I took a risk I know that…Because I did not know Chinese language and nor did I know where I am going but even so I don’t regret anything because now I found a new family and I can share my knowledge to the children and bring a smile on their faces.

So do you want your child to learn English in a fun and interesting way? Do you want to taste heaven?

Come to New Jordan and you will see how many friends you will make!

By Ana


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